Architectural structures and water are two recurring elements in my work: water as a metaphor for nature and the flow of life, urban structures as the reality of life and continuous growth of human life. The layers of a city build – and wither – slowly and imperceptibly over time. Decay may come fast or through waning processes, but it is clear when layers are revealed that we are not so different from ancient civilizations.
The series ‘Cities’ is my most recent one. It consists of several metropolitan landscapes, illuminated by neon lights. The compositions are built using geometric shapes, curved lines and solitary, broad colour stains. The viewer’s gaze is invited to focus on an arrangement of features within the representation and on its structural divisions. The aspects that differentiate the series are the slightly disturbed symmetries yet apparent balance. The DE PLOEG project will be the next step in the series, depicting and combining the two elements – architecture and water – while exploring the boundaries between the two and their influence on each other. Can an urban structure be a part of nature? Is nature a part of ancient or contemporary urban development? When does nature become architecture? Or has it always been?

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