Eddy Hewitt included my work in his top 10 of this art fair. Eddy writes in his blog Connecting Cultures:

The third annual Art Rooms exhibition took place at The Meliá White House Hotel, Regents Park, from January 20th to 23rd. Such was the quality, the originality and the variety of the art on display, this must now be regarded as one of the leading contemporary art events in the country. A fine, international showcase for emerging and developing talent in a prestigious and exciting setting. Art Rooms 2017 has also provided an inspirational start for the Connected Cultures year.

9. Justyna Pennards-Sycz  (Poland / Netherlands)

I was particularly keen to meet Justyna, having previously introduced ourselves to each other online in the build up to the exhibition. Art Rooms is a fine event for establishing artistic and cultural connections. Here, it became even clearer that we share at least one very strong link: we are both drawn to the sea. Much of Justyna’s art depicts water in a range of forms and settings, including the apparent tranquility of faraway beach paradises but also the chilling aftermath of a tsunami in Japan. Her colour scheme is bold and built up in layers, with underlying brightness, warmth and depth.

Justyna Pennards-Sycz, various works

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